Septic System Maintenance

Four Key Elements from the EPA:

  • Inspect and Pump Frequently
  • Use Water Efficiently
  • Properly Dispose of Waste
  • Maintain Your Drainfield

Link to the EPA: SepticSmart Homeowners

Link to:  Home Owner’s Septic Care Guide from the Health Dept. of NW Michigan


Septic Maintenance from

  • Have your septic pumped every 3-5 years.
  • Do not use chemical products that claim to be a substitute for maintenance pumping.
  • For optimal performance, minimize your use of household chemicals and cleaners.
  • Avoid putting grease, hair, cigarette butts, facial tissues, feminine hygiene supplies, band aids, paints, solvents, or any other household wastes containing hazardous, toxic, or non-biodegradable materials down the drain and toilet.
  • Never build, pave, or drive over a drain field or septic tank.
  • Watch for woody vegetation growing on or near the drain field. Deep roots can cause damage.
  • Runoff from your lawn, driveway, roof, and other hard surfaces should be directed away from your drain field.
  • Do not apply fertilizer around a drain field.
  • In shoreline areas, plant or retain a natural strip of vegetation along the water’s edge. The deep roots of native plants intercept and utilize nutrients found in shallow groundwater contaminated with septic system leachate that migrates toward the lake.
  • Conserve water.

Link to Watershed Council:  Septic Systems

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