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Posted on June 4th, 2021

Found: License Plate at boat ramp 6/3/21 Update

6/8/21 Our DLIA President contacted the Marine Division of the Sheriff’s Office with the plate number. They discovered the plate is registered to a Burt Lake address. Marnie dropped the plate off at the Marine Division and they will contact the owner.

6/3/21 Found: License Plate at boat ramp

A license plate was found at the boat ramp Thursday, June 3, 2021. Please check your boat trailers; verify you still have your license plate.

Email for more information.

Posted on May 18th, 2021

Boat Ramp Update: As of 6/7, it is fully functional and free of obstructions

Boat Ramp Alert Update: As of 6/7/21, the boat ramp is free of obstructions and is fully functional.
Hazard Alert:  Raised Plank at DL Boat Ramp – Update 5/27/2021

Buoy Missing: Obstruction Still There

Last week a notice was sent to the Douglas Lake community that an obstruction had been observed under the surface of the Lake boat ramp, possibly from one of the concrete planks that make up the boat ramp getting out of alignment. The buoy marking the spot of the obstruction has disappeared.  Unfortunately, the obstruction is still there.
Please be very careful launching boats at the ramp and also taking your boat out of the Lake at the ramp.  We are coordinating information with Munro Township and hope this situation can be resolved in the near future.
Since we have no way to monitor the area continuously, there will be no effort to replace the buoy. If anyone knows what happened to the buoy, please contact

Hazard Alert:  Raised Plank at DL Boat Ramp – 5/17/2021

A raised piece of concrete plank at the Douglas Lake Boat Ramp came to the attention of the DLIA Boat Ramp team this morning. It represents a potential hazard and should be flattened. Presently the protruding plank is in about 4’ of water and is in the path of launch and recovery of boats. A buoy has been placed to mark the hazard location. (See Stuart Case’s photo below.)

No one from the ramp crew reported seeing the raised piece of cement plank this season or last season. Steps are being taken to repair the boat ramp.
Please – if you must use the boat launch in the near future, be alert to the problem and take appropriate steps to protect your boat.
As soon as the plank has been properly placed, an eNews message will be sent to the membership.  Thanks for your patience