Standing Committee Chairs

  • Adopt-A-Hwy – Warren Woolcott
  • Budget/Finance – Mary Ellen Sheridan
  • Communications Coordinator – Cheryl Krehbiel
  • Community Relations – Bill Hartwig
  • Directory Ads & Print – Holly Gedert
  • Environmental/TOMWC – Scott Davis
  • Invasive Species – Pete Klaas (Open Position)
  • Lake Access Oversight – Mary Ellen Sheridan
  • Little Traverse Conservancy – Sharon Fortner
  • LTBB of Odawa Indians Liaison – Scott Davis
  • Loon Nesting & Pike Marsh – Anne Covy
  • Membership Administrator – Barb Huey
  • Merchandise – Kelly Davis
  • News Team – Joan Hartwig (Open Position)
  • Nominating 2023 – Mary Ellen Sheridan
  • Shoreline Stewardship – Sharon Fortner
  • Twp. Liaison for DL Ramp – Stuart Case (Open Position)
  • Volunteer – Suzanne Witthoff
  • Water Quality Monitoring – Warren Woolcott
  • Website – Holly Gedert
  • UMBS – Karie Slavik

Ad Hoc Committee

Boat Ramp Working Group – Ron Witthoff-Chair, Glenn Brantley, Holly Gedert, Frank Spezia

Future Planning and Funding – Scott Davis- Co-Chair with Cheryl Krehbiel; members: Linda Alexander, Sally Butler, Holly Gedert, John Kafer, Suzanne Witthoff

Swimmer’s Itch Task Force – Co-chairs Ed & Kim Grant, Members: Frank Spezia, Ron Witthoff

Volunteering is rewarding – Seeking to Fill Positions

We are always looking for interested volunteers. We need people for the following positions:

  • Twp Liaison for DL Boat Ramp
  • Chair for Invasive Species Watch and Prevention
  • Newsletter Team Leader

Review our committee list and the Projects tab on our website. See something that interests you? You can help make a difference.

Please email (Ron Witthoff) to volunteer.